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What is the maximum age difference that would be acceptable to you between you and your husband? Well, my ex-husband was 21 years older than me so the age difference doesn’t really mean anything for me the main thing is to be understood when you have trust and understanding, nothing else matters really whether he’s younger or older, it just isn’t important the main thing is that you have a spark and you feel it Good afternoon What’s your name? Good afternoon! My name is Tatiana Kovenko

Hello, I’m Tatiana from Sumy, and like any Ukrainian country girl I like to go dancing at Clubs with my girlfriends I’m a woman on fire, and I don't worry what other people think, I'm just me It’s nice to meet you Today is such a festive day here at the Sumy Wedding Show we want to ask you some personal questions, okay? What does love mean to you? Wow, Love is such such a big topic It’s hard to say off the top of my head what it is really? Love, for me love is life Everything is love for me Love is today’s event Love is when my son looks at me Love is when my beloved hugs me Love is when my mother is with me and when everyone is healthy and happy So, like I say, for me love is life! Describe your ideal man, the man of your dreams No, it’s not him I hope it’s not him! Careful! Hello What a beautiful dress! What's your name? My name is Tatyana My name is Andrey Are you “the bachelor”? Yep, that's me Tell me what colour is your hair? Blond? Blondish What colour is your hair? Mine is light blond, but it’s coloured The thing is, my fortune teller told me I’m going to meet my King of Diamonds soon Was your King of Diamond blond? I don’t know, but it’s possible I am a Queen of Diamonds and I hope I’m the queen of your heart and you’re my King of Diamond Nice to meet you! Oh my God, oh my God, my God He is not blond, he’s blondish I was so afraid of this I was so shocked Maybe blondish, is blond (to my fortune teller)? Strange

Very strange I’m not a fan of the whole fortune teller thing, and magic cards I find it strange But let’s see what’s going to happen next There aren’t ideal people So we’ll see And maybe we’ll create our own ideal by ourselves, in our heads anyways But as far as an ideal man, the man of my dreams I can say as a mother, my ideal man for me is my son I want to meet a man who will understand me Who will trust me, who will be a support for me After all, the main thing in relationships are trust, understanding, and mutual respect If you have these, you will have everything love, health, money, you will have it all The main thing is to respect and appreciate each other and then you will have the strongest relationship and you will live a long life as well What is the maximum age difference acceptable between you and your husband? Well, my ex-husband was 21 years older than me So the age difference doesn’t really mean anything for me The main thing is to be understood I only divorced him because we couldn’t understand each other anymore, then trust was lost and after that our marriage broke When you have trust and understanding, nothing else matters really Whether he’s younger or older, it just isn’t important The main thing is that you have a spark and you feel it Why do you think there are so many beautiful, smart, educated women But still single and lonely in Ukraine? The world has turned upside down, and our women now have too many unmet needs and our men unfortunately, just can’t give them the standard of living which Ukrainian girls want every girl thinks she is a princess She thinks that she’s the best, that’ she’s perfect Everyone has forgotten about moral values and that family isn’t about money Family is important and something you must build, brick by brick Girls do everything to be beautiful to find themselves a better life but that’s not right! I completely disagree with this! Why do you think the divorce rate is so high in Ukraine? Because people differ in their views One wants one thing, while the other wants something different He wants to see his wife barefoot and pregnant, and he want her to cook and clean the house While she wants to have a good life, maybe even living the high life or maybe she wants to have her husband all to herself but her husband is a rich millionaire who likes to flirt and chase skirts and he cheats on her So it's all cause and effect I think that it is not only in Ukraine, it’s all over the world The main thing is to be in harmony with each other, to know exactly what you want in life If you want only to GET you won’t ever be loved You should get and GIVE, you need to have both in your life

It should be a two way street! Ask yourself what do you want? To be a loving wife, or to be loved? To love and become an ideal wife for him (Why are you on this Show?) All the good men are married, and sometimes even have a lover on the side It could be that he's available, but he is a mummy’s boy or real asshole I haven’t met many normal guys Sometimes it pisses me off We have so many macho guys, or really simple guys that only need a bottle of beer, cigarette, and a girls boobs to play with This is all they need to be happy! I’m not into these games! I participate in this TV Show because I’d like to fall in love and have feelings of real crazy love Where I just forget about everything I feel I can do anything I know the man I fall in love with had better brace himself!!!) Would you marry a foreigner [Listen Carefully]? Well, all my life I thought no I wouldn't, I’ve been loyal to our men

Why? Because only our men, let’s say men of our mentality, can understand me, otherwise how could I understand them? Probably I wouldn’t live with a foreigner, because I think we’d have a lot of misunderstandings Due to language and mentality differences mostly He will understand in his way, I will understand in my way I wouldn’t be able to express myself properly so he wouldn’t really get me and relationships really need to have good communication So, no, I likely wouldn't marry a foreigner

NOW SHE SAYS SHE HAS CHANGED HER MIND Could you forgive your husband if he had an affair on you? Affair, Yes Everyone can make a mistake in life! But, the problem is, normally, if he betrays you once he will betray you again and again your whole life then everything is up in the air So, anyone can make a mistake and you can give him a second chance and he can maybe learn from his mistake, and become better An affair isn’t something catastrophic but if he were to raise his hand in violence That I could not forgive But an affair, yes I could forgive Let me ask you, is it important for you to be married or is it okay to just live together with your man? Why do people marry? I don’t know I wasn’t married we just lived together in a common-law marriage I don’t know if it means anything really? but I can say now that I'm 27 I know I want to be married (have a stamp in my passport) But before, all my entire life, I actually didn’t want to get married I never needed to be married just to have a stamp in my passport but now I’ve changed and it’s important to me to have the official status of a wife That said, I’m still officially a bachelorette of Ukraine Especially since I starred in Ukraine’s “The Bachelor (Season 3)” Everyone in Sumy knows me as a bachelorette Wonderful

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