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[cars whipping] [tires screeching] [cars whipping] Racing Sports Network presents The Best Piston Cup Wipeouts Number five Pit Maneuver Chick Hicks says, “I’m that good” Ouch! Let’s take the rewind Oh, Chick Hicks getting a little friendly there That’s no longer clipping, that’s just shredding

[laughing] Number four Topsy-Turvy Flippity flop, look who’s on top

Upside down, inside out Holy cow Lines up nicely and boink I tell ya, that’ll work Number three

Nose Dive Oh, major wipeout there Watch out for that tire

Wee Let’s check out that replay Woooooo, wowzer Number two Scrap Yard Coming up here around to turn four and, yeah, you know what’s happening We got ourselves a wipeout here, folks Boom goes the dynamite

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Oh, no, that’s not good You can almost smell the burning rubber And number one Hello Goodbye Well, look at that spinout Spoiler alert [crash] that one’s going to hurt

Boomshakalaka That is definitely going to leave a mark Folks, we call that one a hit and run Oh, no, right in the face Ooh, that was nasty

Kla-pow Take two quarts of oil and call me in the morning Love me tender, oh, no, that’s my fender I can’t stop because there’s so many good crashes [crash sounds] [engines revving] Ooh! Coming up on Racing Sports Network

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