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I know I promised I won't say this again But it's my duty, will have to do it! I write articles about all my vidoes, the direct link to teh article about this video is in the description box below So, if you like reading, go READ! Today's video was supposed to be about- traits of a mature person It was a requested topic But somehow I couldn't get my way around the script Just like I cannot understand the way people date today

It's exhausting Dating today has become about pretending ro be busy because people think it's cool! So, much fun these guys had at Sonam's wedding Should have called me also Oh It's a message from my new match I won't reply right now he will think I am jobless I'll call tomorrow after lunch It's become liek a game where we are taking turns to send requests and the person who sends more requests loses power He is kind of cute! Should I follow him on Instagram? Technically, I should because he messaged me on Tinder first

Done then I'll follow him on Instagram and then he can ask for my number then I'll add him Facebook Oh Shit! I forgot Snapchat He can add me on Snapchat and he will only call Why shoudl I put all effort? Since, most of us start dating online and hardly call each other it's difficult to judge If the person is really into you or are they faking it! I mean, how difficult is it to send heart and kiss emoji's? While we are busy faking it, one social media application is not enough

You need to tag each each other in memes Enable the blue tick on Whatsapp because ''trust issues'' Send snaps to prove that your life is more happening than theirs And once you realize that you are spending more time talking to them rather than on Instagram you decide to meet each other And then you learn that they are opposite of who you thought they really are And suddenly you like them anymore but digitally feelings had developed and instead of blaming your style of spending more time talking online than offline you blame the Internet I am going to delete Tinder from my phone now It was such a weird date And he is such a liar He told me, he is 5'10 and he was 5'8 Didn't even how to speak or laugh properly Tinder is useless I wasted three weeks on my phone for nothing

yes, I am blaming it on us Isn't ironical, how we are so connected today, yet we don't communicate! Maybe we are too afraid! What if I fall in love? What if he falls in love with me? I haven't even reached my career goals! It's okay, I won't go Or maybe lazy or are too good with excuses I have gained so much weight, let me loose some Then I will meet! Delhi summers yaa Who will go out in this weather? I'll chill at home! Hello, Ramit! It's so cold

You know, delhi winters We'll meet during spring the weather is so perfect! Or maybe, we are spoilt for choice We have too many options in almost all areas of our lives if the wifi is not working we can use the mobile data or ask someone for hotspot We are taking things for granted And that's the attitude we have towards our dating and relationship life And then we also have the guts to share forever alone memes on Instagram and Facebook! It's our lack of patience, being spoilt for choice ability to act busy and pretending not to care that have made dating exhausting Love is not a game but today it feels like one Love today feels like a leg day at the gym! Exhausting, tiring, But love should feel like Yoga We should be able to connect with our partner's mind, body and soul And if you really want to stop playing these games then here is what to do: Stop Judging people based on their social media profiles Don't listen to advice that claims: If you want to have an upper hand in your relationship, then reply late, just pretend to be busier than Priyanka Chopra! Don't pretend to be busy when you are not because you are not doing a favour by talking to them Be yourself because it's you who will take the relationship forward Be sure of who you are and what you want If you are not interested in meeting then make things clear in the beginning Instead of wasting their time and feelings

And most importantly, always remember- You meet online but date offline Pretending not to care and replying after two-three days qhen can reply the moment you saw the message are immature traits So, STOP Stop making a game out of love It's not about power It's just about love and dating should be anything but confusing and exhausting So, feel the love, don't be pretentious and be happy!

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