Dr Love Relationship Advice For Men Episode 2 | How Do I Take Her Home?

– Good afternoon, gentleman I'm Olie, it's Make Me That Guy

Today we're gonna be answering some love life questions, dating, romance, issues that the viewers out there have sent us some questions for me to answer on the problems they're facing, in their love lives And that's why this series is called Dr Love I'm Doctor Love No I'm not, I'm Olie, the producer makes me call myself Doctor Love, it's demeaning, it's embarrassing

Anyways, alright so let's get cracking with the questions It's Doctor Love, question one coming up GreekEnzo, anyways so GreekEnzo's question is a much more lavish one, he's not a lover, he's obviously a shagger, right, 'cause he's asking, "What is the easiest way to get dates "to come home with you on a first date?" So it's First-Date Ville we're in We chose this question on purpose because it's both First-Date Ville, right, don't mess up your big date because you really, really love a girl If you really, really love this girl, and you really want her, then propositioning her and trying to get her to come over on the first night could be a bad move

Okay? So be careful of that, guys, if you really, really fancy this girl and think she's the hottest thing ever, you know, be very gentle, maybe not proposition her on the first night because she might think, oh God, he's just trying to shag me And then she won't want to see you again, and you risk it all and you mess up, and you lose her And you don't want that, no definitely you do not want that Alright so, in this scenario that you do want to try and get her to come home with you, alright, what can you say? It's very simple, there's a quiet set-up for this right, so, what you want to do, first things first right, is when you're leaving the bar you're at, right, you say, "You know what, let's move onto somewhere else" Okay, then you purposely can't find anywhere else, so you wanna be sly here

To be honest, if you're really trying to bring girls home on the first date, you got to be a bit sly You plan the date somewhere where there aren't any other places open, or anywhere good, where everything's really packed, or you're gonna both have to pay 15 Quid to get in to a club So, weekend scenario, meet her at nine o'clock in central London, something like that, take her to a bar, when the bars start closing at about 11, everyone else goes out clubbing, and then it's like, "Well, what do we do?" It's Saturday, I'm vibing, I'm Doctor Love, I'm partying (cheering) Doctor Love busting a move, right? That kind of dancing, get that right? Doctor Love Okay, back to what I meant to be speaking about, so it's Saturday, we finished our date, the bar you're in is closing, like they nearly always do because people leave the bar and go on to a later joint, and even the bars will probably close at about one o'clock, 12:30, still relatively early, and the people in The Continent don't even go out until that time, alright

So what you do is, you stay in this bar until it starts to wind up, if you are in somewhere like The Continent, take her somewhere you know is gonna close as well Around this kind of time, people go to clubs, but you know what? She doesn't really wanna go to a club on her first date, when she's just met you, usually She doesn't really want to go out there where they know there's gonna be loud music, other people barging into you, dancing, that's what you do with your mates, alright, or you meet people randomly at the club, and then date them But you don't take your date there You want to get to know each other

So, you've left the bar, and you can be like, "You know what, let's go for another drink!" You're kind of pretending here, because you know you don't want to go for another drink, you want her to come home with you So you have to be a little bit sly And then, you walk past, and, "Oh, what about that bar?" "Ah, look that's 20 Quid to get in and look at the queue" And there's all these drunk people, "Oh what about that bar!" "Oh, that one's closing, ah!" And this is the moment when, you realize that, really, it's gonna be a bit, like, awkward and difficult for you to even get in anywhere So, what you gonna do? You can either call it a day and say, "Yeah you know what, "I can't get in anywhere, I better just, you know, "I'll get you a taxi home, masturbate over your Facebook

" No, you don't do that, or you do do that, alright, but you don't in this scenario 'cause she's coming home with you bad boy Alright so, you say to her, "You know what, I really "fancy another drink "but this is looking a bit difficult isn't it? "I don't think there's really anywhere we can get in" And then you turn to her and say, "Look, okay, hear me out," the minute you say, "Look, hear me out," she's gonna know exactly what's coming next So you say to her, "Look, hear me out, alright," She'll say, "Nope, nope, I'm not coming back "to your house, no way" She knows this

So say, "Look, hear me out, hear me out "Look, there is no where else for us to go, "I am having such a fantastic time, "we're having a laugh, aren't we? "Come on, tell me you're not having fun?" Hopefully she's having fun If she's not, you're fucked, and she's not coming home with you whatever you do, not for fucking, you know love or money, alright? But, if she is having fun, question her go, "You're having a good time, aren't you? "Come on, we're having a laugh aren't we?" And she'll go, "Yeah, yeah I'm having a laugh, "I'm having a good time, yeah" "And we're both a little bit drunk aren't we? "We don't want to go home, do we? "Come on, I mean, we could walk around here looking for bars "all fucking night yeah, right, and we'll probably "get in somewhere shitty, and I'll fucking have to," Because I'm a gentleman and I'm not letting you pay for anything all night, don't let her pay for anything, even if she offers, highest stakes is women, hot women don't like to pay on the first date, end of If you do make her pay you'll probably lose her, pay for fucking everything

If you need to go into old-school, PU lame, New Wave Theory where, "You never pay for a drink," pay for all that girl's drinks man, I don't care, alright I'm a man, alright so pay for her drinks, so you say, "I don't want to spend another, "fucking 30 quid on, 15 quid on, another 20 bucks "on your club entry and my club entry, "and then another 60 bucks on overpriced, shitty cocktails "Hear me out, I've got an amazing "bottle of wine at home "Come back with me, right, we'll sit" There's gonna be a bit of protesting during this, you'll have to keep going, "No please, please, "just hear me out, please, please, hear me out

" (speaking gibberish) No I'm joking right, you don't grab her, "Cut it at zip, zip" Alright, you don't say, zip zip, of course, but you have to sort of jump in, you have to get your point across directly and dominantly, or else it won't work So you say, "Please hear me out, hear me out, hear me out "All that money I'm gonna spend on those crappy drinks, "on that club entry, come back with me, we'll sit, "we'll have a nice bottle of wine" Make sure you've got wine, spirits, everything at home, whatever her tickle is, she says, "Gin and tonic," say, "I've got some great gin and tonic at home, "alright, I got whatever at home, I've got all this at home

"Come back, we'll sit, we'll listen to music, "watch some funny ass videos on YouTube, "we'll crack a bit of jokes "and then at the end of the night, "the money in which I have saved "in not buying overpriced shitty drinks, "I'll get you a taxi, alright" There's no unsigned contract here, don't say that but what's happening here is you're un-signing the contract which says, if you come home with me, that's to have sex Right? And then you actually rub this point in by saying at the end, by saying, "You know all that money "which I'm gonna save on club entries "and crappy, nasty drinks we don't even want, right, "I can get you a taxi home" So, one, you're giving her the choice she can leave whenever she wants, "When you get tired, you can go home" She's not gonna stay

So she's like, "Oh, okay, I don't have to stay, "he's gonna get me a taxi "I don't have to pay, "I'm not going to get stranded somewhere random, "he's gonna get me a taxi "I can escape whenever I want" Yeah, and then you exemplify this point by saying, "And you know what," a little joke, "if you even try and touch me, right," Then you say you exemplify this point by saying, "And you know what, there will be "no funny business, young lady "Alright? "I'm not that kind of man, okay, "not on a first date, alright

"In fact, I'm gonna sit on the sofa "and you're gonna sit on the other sofa, "and if you even touch me I will scream rape "and call the police "How'd you like that, huh?" Because that's what she's thinking, she's thinking, but what if I don't want to sign this unwritten contract that I'm gonna have sex with you or get physical with you You're gonna say to her, "No, that's not gonna happen," because by making that joke about you being the character who's gonna be the one who's worried about the sex, it makes it all open and in the air, and you basically say, "Look, I'm not gonna try and shag you, "I'm having fun "I want to hang out, extend the night, "have some more drinks, and you can go whenever you want, "and I'm not gonna try it on, unless you want" Because she'll let you know if she wants to, okay? Get drunk, and end up kissing, you'll get drunk anyways and you'll try and kiss her, and if she wants to reject you, she can, that's her choice

You're saying that there is no contract signed, she can leave when she wants, you don't expect sex, you just want to hangout Once she comes home with you, starts drinking, in my experience, 99% of women will stay the night, what happens then, is up to you guys, I'm Doctor Love, not Doctor Porn, alright so what you do in that time together is up to you Once she's made that decision, she's back home with you, then it's most likely something will happen She'll stay over, you know, it's most likely something will happen and, even if it doesn't, and she does say, "Look, you said I could come back" She'll probably stay over anyways, there will be a lot of heavy kissing and the next time, you're definitely getting some action, playboy

So, that's what we think, GreekEnzo, that is the best way to get chicks home Of course, remember, just 'cause she's come home with you, doesn't mean she has to have sex with you, all you creepy, rapey guys out there, don't use this to lure women to your homes Respect them and let them make the decision What you're doing is actually empowering the woman, and saying, "I'm not a fucking weirdo "Look I don't expect sex

"I do want to hang out "You can come home with me and be safe, leave when you want, "and I'll be a gentleman" You're just allowing her to realize that you represent all those values when it comes to women and dating, and once she knows that you're that good bloke, she knows that she's not at harm, she's most likely to think, fuck it, I like this guy, let's have some fun Because she's empowered, and boom, you know what's next Alright, Enzo, hopefully if you employ some of those sniper tactics, you're gonna be getting a few more chicks home to your house where you can play Monopoly with and discuss philosophy, because that's what we're about on MakeMeThatGuy

Okay, anyways, boys, anymore love life related questions that you would like us to answer, you want our take on that, that's me, Doctor Love, and the MakeMeThatGuy Team Please send it in through the various social media forms we have, all our links are in the description box, and plenty more fire coming, as always Please be sure to subscribe, like, and leave a comment It's MakeMeThatGuy, I'm Doctor Love, peace

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