My Best Online Dating Tip That Almost Everyone Disagrees With

Hi Guys, Mike Goldstein Here! Your EZ Dating Coach: Empowering Women to Attract What They Deserve Today's Topic is my best online dating tip that almost everyone disagrees with! Alright this one is super controversial So before I go into it, I just want to qualify myself so you know that I am not full of it 5 out 6 of my marriages that I have gotten for clients have been through online dating 83% of My Clients Get Into a Relationship I actually know what I am talking about, This Works! My Best Online Dating Tip is very Simple Women Should Send a lot of FIRST Messages to men they are interested in Why Should You do This? A high quality guy, who has a great job, is super desirable and works a ton of hours doesn't have much time on a Tuesday night

and spend a hour searching for you, reading your profile, he already has a full time job he doesn't want another full time job sending you a message and sending you a great one, ok and why is it so much better for women to send messages? Because you don't need to read their profile, you can just send something short quick like: Hey, I hope you are doing well How is your week going? Would you be interested in a grabbing a drink sometime? They Can respond back very simply, "Yes, I would love to get a drink" And Then you can read the profile and decide if you want to actually go out with him or not But, all of this is absolutely amazing because your job is easier because YOU don't have to send a high quality message A man 100%, if he wants to get a date needs to read your profile and send a great message Women on the other hand can get away with sending a not so perfect message, as long as they have good pictures and a quality profile

And everyone is going to disagree with me But My Results are the best in the industry (Have not seen anyone with higher than 83% success rate) This Stuff absolutely works, give it a try! How are you going to look for these guys? I would suggest on okcupid, using match %, answer at least 200 or 300 questions And then find people 90% or higher, these people you are going to get a long with, you are going to have fun with That is my #1 piece of advice, so women don't by shy get out there and send the first message, send a lot of them Send 50 in one sitting and get a lot of opportunities for yourself! from high quality men, when the message comes back then you can decide if you want to go on the date or not This is the best way to do it, the most efficient way to do it Guys are going to appreciate it, you are going to give men compliments I can assure you when I was online dating, I thought I was a half decent prospect, I got practically no messages what so ever from women

If I ever did, I was like a scientist reading the profile, word by word, making sure I didn't rule out this women for the wrong reasons Because not many women were coming my way so if you are coming towards a guy he is going to be excited about it He is going to research it and see if you are the right fit So Ladies, Happy Hunting, Good Luck, and see you next time

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