My Biggest Dating Advice For Women (and men) – Ask Harvey #34 (Get Him Hooked)

You know a lot of people ask me What's the one biggest piece ofe when it comes to their dating ls and I am going to give you somet infact this was something that " and when I tell you this stuff maybe it might not resonate witw and if there is someone that yoo what I want you to do is make sm but do it in a friendly way, doe [in crazy accent] heelo yoiu neo like, do it in a way that is like, ree "hey this guy has some really g" because this is something I feew and if there is one piece of da! which is in, and I go into this" which is more available for onek and you can get a hold if it no! LINK IN THE DESCRIPTION but this is what I refer to as," So the first D, not BREASTS by y because the name implies that, e but the first D is actually wha" Now, when it comes to relationsD you're two people in a relationp right now you're watching this,p and when you're connecting withe and when there are emotions that that sometimes it is easy to dis and it starts small if you've ever heard of the phr" this is it well, HOW DO YOU BOIL A FROG ife well, if you were to throw a frr into boiling water, it would fet but when it comes to relationshg if you truely want to boil a frr you turn on the heat and it wone and it's this temperature diffee so it starts small, it starts wg or maybe later someone was a lil so what we decide to do is we ds we distract ourselves with FOODs with information and and with different drugs ans a lot of things in life can be d now, the SECOND D is the worse one, because once s then we get into to what we ref" and denials is where you end ups VALUE SYSTEM on your own and maybe you've been in a relaE they were IN denial where they were in denial about "I don't think I am getting eno" but truth be told you need emotn you need emotions, you need lov and if you run out, then you ca

we have to keep our relationshiS That's the thing that can reallf because you spend a lot of time and a lot of time trying to jusd and truth be told the way out o the way out of this is to figurs easier said than done because a lot of people right ne you might know who you are in te "oh, I know who I am, I am some adventurous, I am someone wc I am someone who is really cour" but there are also times where where you're not courageous, whV and have a pizza and what I want to suggest to yt "who you are, is beyond what yo" who you are is beyond all the t, all the dreams, all the goals, s who you are is something deeer,d that you can't truely express it that you will spend your entiret and that someone might spend thl but you will never get that out but you will never get that outs these are the things that when e that these are the things that s because a lot of people think t" BUT when you realise that sometimess BUT, issues sometimes come up if you distract yourself and yos those little issues become, wha" and I like the phrase kill the monster while it is sml speak your unspokens, express yf and do it, the key here by the y so what you do is, you don't sa" because even when I say this to? do you feel attacked? when people feel attacked they ! what you do is, you do it in a " or even just "I" "I feel this" – "I am hurt" "I need this" "I need this from you, can you " because we overcomplicate rela* and then we JUSTIFY it, we OVERK and we keep THINKING AND THINKIy really get to the core of the s! and the core of the situation ie relationships ARE simple if you love someone, let them kw if you're attracted to someone,w if you don't think it is wise, t if you're hurt, let that other t if you don't want to do it, thet but playing this mental game, mf BUT THEY DID THIS ONE TIME AND S HAPPENED AND THEN what happens is, that comes FROl that comes from denying your ows and trying to figure out your pd like a puzzle piece of a chess e and what people don't understan is that chess itself I love the metaphor itself, becf is not about learning every move chess itself is about pattern rn and the pattern that I want youe is to speak your unspokens to understand that if you're hud and sometimes the other person u where it's more appropriate to w but most dating advice will ovet They will give you this algorytg and you might find that life wae and it simply because, we over t and we over did it and we startN we started to distract ourselveg because we didnt want to feel i! and then we started to deny hows value system that we deemed, better than ourn and that makes you less attracte that makes you less of who you e and that burns you up inside, ye you spend so much time thinkingg SO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHIO if you did like it make sure tou and if you ARE INTERESTED in th EPIC RELATIONSHIPS COURSE you have ONE WEEK LEFT if you want to learn more aboutS how to really create incredibled mind blowing connections with yr then go to wwwTheEpicRelationsm or the link is in the descriptin so thank you so much! I love you and make sure to subscribe beca! SUBSCRIBE Santa won't come this year! 🙁 and I love santa so bye! there we go I hit 2k btw (subscribers) [Brok the Camera Man] – Oh did ?

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