Online Dating Advice For Women! How To Get Him Exited About going Out With You?

Hey guys it's ladies relationship coach here and today i'm going to to talk about 3 tips for that perfect dating profile tip number 1 how do you create that perfect dating profile so i would recommend for girls to upload 5 pictures not more than that you don't need more than 5 more than 5 makes you come across as your trying to hard and a bit to desperate less than 3 may not be enough so i think 5 is a perfect number make sure in your pictures that you look good because unfortunately guys are attracted to look first personality is actually more important than look but it comes second and don't upload pictures with duck face or half naked or over the top cause it gives a guy a wrong idea and if he will ask you on a date he will ask you on a date for the wrong reasons and we don't want that right ok the description i would recommend to have a short description about yourself the reasons are first guys don't really even read it second if you gonna do a long description about yourself it makes you come across as a little bit to desperate like you are trying to hard you want to create an image that your just there because you are exploring your options because your checking who is out there you don't want to come across that your there because you are really really looking for that mr right you want to have that kinda easy breezy fun attitude about yourself also respectful of course so have i would say in the description maybe write 5 sentences about yourself include the fun hobbies which you love doing maybe drop in few goals and that's it just keep it short sweet fun nice and breezy tip number 2 when the guy sends you a message you don't need to reply to him asap maybe you are busy doing something fun maybe you are out with your friends you saw the message that's great reply to him when you have a free minute reply to him the next day you can reply to him few days later actually if you gonna reply to him few days later he might be like oh my god i actually find this girl really attractive and she reply to me few days later I need to ask her out now because she might disapier again you know so and this is what you want you want to get dates from the online dating profile not just constant messaging where it doesn't lead anywhere or you know like sometimes girls end up like messaging to the guys all the time and then they meet the guy and they not even attracted to him so what was the point of the whole messaging they think like did i just wasted all this time talking to him you know so when a guy messages you just reply to him keep the conversations short sweet easy and fun you know and by easy i mean like light not easy like take me just kinda light messages and that's it you know just take it like that and don't tell him your full life story in a messages if he wants to find out more he needs to ask you on a date and on the date you can talk a little bit about yourself right so a tip number 3 would be this is actually the most important one my friends usually ask me this how do I approach a guy on line how do I approach him and my answer is always you do not approach a guy ever anywhere the guys are born chasers they are born hunters they feel exited when they are going for you they feel exited to get you its kinda in their genetics they are born with it if I for example approach a guy would I feel good about it no i wouldn't because i would think like did that made me just come across a bit desperate and yeah it's kinda weird you know so girls don't really do that it's not in our genetics to do that so just chill and let them approach you let them make the first move most of the best relationships happen where the guys are chasing the girl for a long time until he gets her you know it's just the way we were created you know why to go against the nature what's the point of that and you know in this world lets say we have lots of guys but the ones we should contact are the ones who already approached as our choice as girls is the guys who already approach as we choose from those guys the guy we want to go on a date with this is the most successful tip to dating right so lets say if in your online profile you lets say you have 60 messages or a 100 messages or few 100 messages you choose the guys who you want to get to get back to and who you want to get on a date with obviously they have to ask you out on the date first but you choose the ones you want to date from the guys who already got in contact with you alright so I hope you liked my tips please put it in a practice i promise you it works this is the only way to have a successful relationship

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