Top Online Dating Advice and Profile Tips

Well we are almost through the ten days This is tip number nine

Today there is a lot of you that have either tried or want to try or you are online So lets talk a little bit about online dating, and I'll give you a tip around that or a few tips around that that are kind of like the don't a maybe a few dos Things to just avoid, I want you to be authentic when you get online I want you to show up as you, and I think that it is most important But there seems to be a few things that seem to be pretty consistent that everybody complains about, then everyone is doing it

So, I would say for the ladies, first and foremost When we are flipping through your pictures and we are looking at how beautiful you are and how amazing you are and every second and third picture is actually not you, and it is like your dog along, without you in the picture Or it is a picture of a scenic view that you took, that's great I love that you want to share that kind of stuff, but that's more for Facebook On an online dating site, I can tell you from a mans perspective, I don't give a shit about the scenic view unless you are in it

I might love dogs, I might even love your dog, but if you are not in the picture with your dog it is not an online doggy dating site, it is an online dating you website It is actually not even online dating by the way, quick another tip It is online connecting Online dating, you're not dating online If you are dating online that is called cat fishing and that is just dumb

So if you are looking at that way that online dating should work in order to be very effective at it, when you are putting up pictures it needs to be about you It needs to be a picture of you If you want to take a picture with some friends that is great, but every picture should not be with just you and friends, because then I have no freaking idea which one is you I kind of want to get to know you When I am setting the expectation that I need to write these long profiles or I need to write special messages, ladies when you are receiving information from men, you know, kind of lower those expectations a little bit

If you find him attractive, and you kind of like what hey wrote on his profile, and he doesn't give you the best message in the world, give him a shot Like we don't know what to do, we are playing a numbers game online just as much as you are playing a numbers game online, which means we are not going to come up with fresh and creative content twenty times s day for messaging twenty people a day I hate to break it to you, you are not that special online Because you are not that special online we are messaging a lot of people, so if I say "hey how's it going? I love that picture about you and blah blah blah" and you feel that wasn't enough information or I didn't read through your profile yet you still find me attractive or whatever else it is, give us a break Like meet and then determine what that person is like if you're interested in them

If you aren't interested at all then don't even bother responding If they guy says something really stupid to you, that he does something assholish to you, then just ignore him Don't feed into it, that is a tactic that they are actually using to try to get you to respond to them If they out of the gate talk about sex, if they out of the gate say something abrasive or gross or they come across as a jerk, it is a tactic they are using They probably learned it in pickup and they are using it to get you to interact with him, and don't even bother

They are clearly clueless so just ignore it Now for guys, this kind of goes for both sexes, no more mirror pictures If you don't have friends that can take a picture of you, go buy some, at least you don't look as lonely You sitting there taking a picture of yourself in the mirror, particularly dudes in all these muscley big man pictures of you in a mirror Again on Facebook or other social media, that is great, but you can't imagine how many times I've been sitting around with a woman going through their Tinder or their Match profiles looking at all they guys and every guys has a picture with his shirt off if he's got a decent body

I am glad you are proud of your body, go to a beach, go to a pool, pay somebody five bucks to take a picture of you It is great that you take care of yourself, just stop taking a freaking selfies in the mirror It is dumb Also, when it comes to hunting and fishing and everything else, I love that you do that Women love that you do that

It is very manly If every other picture is a picture of you holding a fish or you holding a dead animal it becomes very concerning for the women that you actually don't care about finding a woman, all you care about is going up and hunting or fishing That should be a big red flag and it is So guys find other things other than just holding a fish in your hand If you have one that is awesome, but again literally as I am sitting next to these women going through these profiles and looking through these pictures I am baffled at what we dudes are actually doing on these profiles

Either we don't care or we are not actually on there to take it seriously or b we are clueless and it is time to get a clue because women are laughing at you You need to step up your profile game, alright That goes for both parties, there are a lot of excruciating profiles out there Take the time to think through it and don't just throw shit on the wall, because it ain't going to stick

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