What I don’t Like About Dating And Online For Gen Z and Millennial Daters in 2018 Episode 2

You need to just keep data getting to know each other When I feel pressured into doing something I'm not that into it

You're just in like different different zones You maybe they want to get to know your sister instead of you That's just not my style Cray Z Dates for a new generation of daters Have you ever been fixed up by family or friends? I have been fixed up before by a friend

My father Through Facebook I know someone who did My dad sees someone who he thinks would be a great fit for me Enjoy that person

We started talking It was cool I want to get the know that person There could be a connection Then I was going to Florida and he told me that he was going to Florida too

We had some similarities Maybe someday that'll work It was cool and then I was like okay cool because I wasn't expecting it So our first date was in Florida And we would enjoy that person

We had a really nice time I found a great guy for you I like the guy a lot And I'm still friends with him to this day First it was fine

It didn't go well He was expected more When I feel pressured into doing something It's very really confusing You don't really know how it's gonna turn out

I may not even like the person Oh my gosh You know the person prior to the date and they end up changing their mannerisms You know you have some people that aren't so nice They end up changing how they act around you

They're just in like different different zones They use you Oh I think that's terrible I dislike it when someone is dating someone maybe to be popular Can get kind of hairy

But that's not always the case And maybe they want to know your sister instead of you You just have to be careful You really don't know what to expect You just keep dating getting to know each other

And before you even spend time with someone make sure that they even deserve your time Have you ever tried a dating site? I have never tried a dating site I've been on a dating site When I was in college I did all the site Okay in all honesty, I may have signed up for one

My friends have tried dating sites I'm guilty very guilty I did It was probably hot at the time I think that they just you know try just to see what it's about

It's just the new way to meet people now It''s good, it's good I'll go out and you meet them They're just, you know, getting their feet wet They'd be the sweetest person in the world

I met one guy who I ended up having a relationship with for a little from the website And it turned out really well I'll be into it I'm actually good friends with two of them I met a couple but nothing ever really lasted through that

I never actually went ahead with it I don't think that they really take it seriously I got a friendship and that's cool Melissa – I had so many bad experiences on one of the sites that I deleted it but I still there was one time where I kind of wanted to go back and check so I said you know what let me just throw up a picture of my dog so I put my profile picture as a picture of my dog and I started getting all these messages guys just being like oh asking questions and talking about my dog and I made an entire profile about my dog I put her description I made it really funny put up different pictures of her saying rub my belly, throw me bone and all these funny things And I had an influx of messages like just as many as I did when I looked like myself So that's one funny experience

Cray Z Dates for a new generation of daters

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