Why Saying No Is Sexy (Dating Advice 2018)

Ah, okay Hey guys, me again, same t-shirt, same ring

I wanted to actually do just a super quick follow-up to the video I did on setting boundaries and setting standards, and this video is just about saying no and how actually saying no and setting standards and boundaries are it's actually really super sexy because when you're able to say no, I mean everyone knows it takes guts to say no, that shows that we have courage and confidence; and, of course courage and confidence is super sexy, and, as well, it also lets people know, in potential partners and relationships, that they can trust our word So if we say something they know we're not just BS'ing to be nice; like the whole Nice Guy Syndrome, this is the problem with Nice Guy Syndrome, women don't trust men who aren't sometimes brutally honest I mean you don't have to be brutal but if you can be honest in the face of potentially not getting what you want, or disappointing someone, or having a conflict, or disagreeing, that's super sexy because it tells a woman that you're gonna always stand up for yourself, and that means that if she's in a relationship with you, you're gonna stand up for you for the two of you, for the relationship You're not going to fold like a paper napkin and be a wussy, I would have said pussy but the pussy is all-powerful so let's not diss the Miss Oh man Anyways, okay, so what's really sexy: Setting standards, setting boundaries, and guess what ladies, if you're watching this, it's just as important for women to set standards, and set boundaries, and say no, and be yourself Your independent, opinionated, in a kind way, self because that shows courage and confidence and I think everybody can agree that courage and confidence is super sexy Yeah that's it, so thanks for watching, see you in the next one

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